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The Gull Reef Club

I never do this. I never share my home in a public forum.  Over all, we are a very quiet and private family.  This past winter we purchased a condo … Read More...


Lagnappe: [LAN-YAP] 1. Creole word meaning the little extra niceties in life. 2. A design studio and workroom specializing in custom window treatments.
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Langappe Custom Interiors designs and brings to life exquisite designs that suit individual tastes and lifestyles. We are the St. Thomas interior designer that transforms condos, homes and commercial spaces with texture, clean lines, eclectic pieces, vibrant color and nature inspired designs. We invite you to browse our portfolio, learn a little bit about how we work and schedule a time to discuss your dreams. We’ll help you navigate the planning and decisions to turn your dream into reality.